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Gathering Information

Before you begin using the Code Comparison Tool, gather the applicable codes for your community. In most cases, your community will have more than one set of codes that cover health and safety in housing, such as building codes, fire codes, occupancy codes, and sanitation codes that cover different and overlapping aspects of building safety and occupant protection.

To obtain a copy of your codes, you can:

  1. Contact your local code department and request a copy of your local code(s). We recommend obtaining an electronic version(s) of the code(s), where possible.
  2. Search online by the name of your state, county, city, or borough and “Property Maintenance Code” or “Housing Code.”

You can find additional guidance on how to locate your housing code here. Complete the form to provide some basic information on your housing code

Housing Code Sections

The NHHS mandatory provisions are the basis of the 12 sections of the NCHH Code Comparison Tool. You can complete one, some, or all sections. The sections may be completed in any order. You can complete a section in more than one session.

  1. Moisture Control
  2. Pest and Waste Management
  3. Plumbing and Water Systems
  4. Injury Prevention
  5. Chemical Hazards – Building Products
  6. Chemical Hazards – Other
  7. Ventilation
  8. Heating and Mechanical
  9. Lighting and Electrical
  10. Fire Safety
  11. Structural
  12. Occupancy

You won’t be able to generate a report until you answer all the questions in a section. Each completed section will produce a results page that will highlight the NHHS sections providing an opportunity for action or enhancement (e.g., where your codes may not be as strong). The results page will also include an exportable data table. For users that complete all 12 sections, the tool will also generate a graphic like the one below.