A project managed by Healthy Housing Solutions and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network provides classroom courses through its network of partners around the country and through online courses. The target audiences for the trainings are environmental health practitioners, public health nurses, housing professionals, community outreach workers, tribal environmental health officials, and leaders of community-based organizations. The overall goals of the training are:

  • To provide training for public health and housing practitioners in the assessment and treatment of housing-related health hazards, with a focus on practical and cost-effective methods;
  • To promote cross-training of public health and housing practitioners;
  • To create a forum for the exchange of practical guidance about healthy housing strategies among federal, state, tribal, and local agency staff;
  • To develop a mechanism for the ongoing introduction of new research findings into public health training and practice; and
  • To identify and optimize opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnership.

The Training Center Curriculum Committee reviews all curriculum proposals for approval and advises the Training Center partners and trainers about other curricular matters.

Since its inception in 2005, the Training Center has trained over 21,000 individuals, expanded from seven to more than 40 partners, developed a healthy homes awareness video, launched a Healthy Homes Clearinghouse for online information about healthy homes, launched a new Healthy Homes Specialist Credential with the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), and developed a wide range of classroom and online courses.

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