Lead Poisoning Prevention Using Walk-Off Mats

Project Funder: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Project Partner: City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

Project Contact: Jonathan Wilson, jwilson@nchh.org, 443.539.4162

Project Description

After treating dwellings using funds from the HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant Program in Cambridge, Massachusetts, units were randomly assigned to a “program mat” treatment group or to a control (“no mat”) group. Study results for the 65 enrolled units indicated that the Cambridge lead program was effective in treating homes. Results indicate that mats may have had a slight effect on dust lead loadings inside homes. Because mats are inexpensive and may aid in preventing track-in, it was recommended that programs consider distribution of mats after lead treatments, educating tenants about maintenance, and periodic replacement to prevent mats from becoming exposure sources themselves.

Project Period: March 1998-April 2001


Cambridge Walk-Off Mat Study Report [pdf]

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