Discover New Partners

Developing strong coalitions, partnerships, or alliances can feel time consuming but can be extremely beneficial in amplifying your efforts and ensure long-term action in your community. Every state has its own unique landscape; therefore, the partners and resources you choose to work with will vary. It’s important to consider partners from a range of sectors (such as public health, healthcare, housing, energy, and the environment) and variety of backgrounds (such as federal, state, and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, community action agencies, health insurance payers, and more).

The links below can help you find an assortment of groups, organizations, and agencies that may already be working on healthy homes issues in your state or be mission-aligned to explore opportunities to move into this type of work with you. Use these links as a starting point to find agency/organizational lists or search member directories that may help you to locate potential partners and learn more about the healthy homes activities and funding that may already exist in your community, whom you could consider approaching to learn more about your local situation, whom you might engage to support and join in your work, and much more.

Federal Healthy Homes Grantees

Local and State Government Agencies

National Networks of State and Local Partners