Healthy Housing Solutions

NCHH’s wholly owned subsidiary, Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc., was established in November 2003 to provide federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private sector organizations, with professional services related to residential environmental health and safety issues.

WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training on Housing Related Disease and Injury Prevention

The National Center for Healthy Housing includes a Collaborating Center with the World Health Organization (WHO) within its research division. First designated by WHO in 2010, NCHH and the World Health Organization have worked together on many projects. Most recently, NCHH played a key role in the development and 2018 release of the WHO Housing and Health Guidelines, the first international document of its kind, and is now working to implement its recommendations.

The Alliance for Healthy Homes

Formed in 1990 as the Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning by national leaders in pediatrics, public health, environmental protection, affordable housing, education, civil rights, and children’s welfare, the Alliance for Healthy Homes (as it was rechristened in 2001) was designed specifically to have the technical capacity, the credibility, the comprehensive reach across disciplines, and the wherewithal needed to effect change on a broad scale. The Alliance’s campaign encompassed three major areas of activity: education, policy support, and advocacy. In 2009, the Alliance approached NCHH with the proposal of a merger; the merger was publicly announced January 20, 2010. NCHH became steward of all of AFHH’s assets and research, and three of the remaining AFHH staff became NCHH employees.