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Donate today and invest in a future where communities can be supported in innovating, implementing, and inspiring improvements in housing quality. Contact Amanda Reddy for more information. 

At the National Center for Healthy Housing, it’s our mission to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy place to call home. With more than six million families living in substandard housing, NCHH’s role is to equip leaders in the public health, housing, and environmental sectors with practical, evidence-based solutions to improve housing quality and improve the health of their communities. Over the past 30 years, NCHH has been at the forefront of addressing some of our most pressing public health disparities, making enormous strides in reducing the number of kids exposed to lead, reducing environmental asthma triggers, helping older adults age safely in place, and partnering with communities to find and fix housing hazards proactively, before they cause harm.

“The stakes are high, maybe as high as they’ve ever been, but so is the opportunity.”

— Amanda Reddy, NCHH Executive Director

Yet despite all we’ve accomplished, 45 million homes are still at risk, facing one or more hazards that can cause significant illness or injury. Every second of every day, an older adult falls. An estimated half-million children are needlessly exposed to lead—that’s 24,000 kindergarten classrooms full of kids cheated of their full potential. Nine people die every day of asthma, and they don’t have to. Black Americans are nearly twice as likely to live in substandard housing when compared to the general population, and these disparities in housing quality drive and exacerbate disparities in health outcomes: Black children are more likely to be exposed to lead, more likely to have and die from asthma, and are at increased risk for injuries at home. And the urgency for safe, healthy, affordable, and resilient housing is growing as we face increasing threats from pandemics and extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and extreme heat and cold.

NCHH’s mission is to solve these problems. We transform lives by transforming housing. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the last three decades, and we are ready to finish the fight.

By giving to the Healthy Housing Transformation Fund, you’re investing in a future where communities can be supported in innovating, implementing, and inspiring improvements in housing quality. The Healthy Housing Transformation Fund is an instrument to support innovation, collaboration, and transformation, setting the stage for systems change at the community, state, and federal levels. Your investment will have immediate impact but will also keep protecting residents for generations to come. For example, one of the ways we invest is by partnering with communities to advance their healthy housing work. We invest in leaders and communities who are ready to move their ideas forward and share what they learn so others can build on their experiences. Combined with technical assistance, transformation grant investments have proven to be one of the most effective strategies for initiating high-impact action to advance healthy housing efforts, policies, and partnership, and often leveraging many untapped resources because of their successes.

We’re deeply grateful for the support of our many funders and partners who have helped us support communities over the years and to the communities who have helped to lead the way. Because of them, we are well positioned to pave the way for change across the U.S. But meaningful, transformational change will come from working in 1,000 communities, not 10 at a time. It will also require trust that isn’t always inherent in traditional funding relationships. We trust communities, and we’re asking funders and donors like you to trust them too and collaborate with us on a model for scaling up our flexible, community-led blueprint for action.

Ready to create some change? You can make an online donation or contact Amanda Reddy ( to keep the conversation going.

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The National Center for Healthy Housing transforms lives by transforming housing. Through partnerships, community-based research, and advocacy, we advance health equity by translating credible science into tools and catalyzing systems change that addresses inequity, income inequality, racial disparities, and environmental justice. Read more about the way we partner with communities and our impact: