States Authorized by EPA to Manage the RRP Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorizes states, tribes, and territories (hereinafter referred to as “state”) to administer and enforce its Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. The state program must be at least as protective as the EPA RRP program and provide for adequate enforcement. To view EPA’s latest guidance to states on authorization and identification of states with authority, see

Most states allow for reciprocity for people who have already been certified by an EPA-accredited training provider and for firms who have already become EPA-certified renovation firms. However, states are allowed to make their own decisions.

Generally, training providers must pursue approval from each state in order to provide training for state certification after the state’s rules go into effect. They should be aware that some states are going beyond the EPA’s RRP rule and requiring individual renovators to be certified by the state.

EPA has delegated authority to implement the RRP to the following states (in order of adoption): Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Utah, Mississippi, Kansas, Rhode Island, Oregon, Massachusetts, Alabama, Washington, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Delaware .

The following states have existing rules regarding renovation training but have not adopted RRP: Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio.

For guidelines on how to register as a lead-safe certified firm with EPA or an authorized state, click here.

Alabama 11.16.2010 Official page To learn more about Alabama’s program, including how to apply for certification or find trainings, contact the Alabama Lead Program at 334.206.5373 or 205.348.4667, or visit the state website at or

See Alabama Code §§ 22-37A-1 to 22-37A-9.

Alaska Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
American Samoa No page identified No plans to adopt RRP.
Arizona Official page
Arkansas Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
California Official page
Connecticut Official page
Delaware Official page
District of Columbia Official page
Florida Official page No plans to adopt RRP. Need legislative authority.
Georgia 07.05.2011 Official page
Guam No plans to adopt RRP.
Hawaii Official page
Idaho Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
Illinois Official page
Indiana Official page
Iowa 01.19.2010 Official page EPA officially authorized state as of 01.19.2010. Iowa offers reciprocity so that renovators trained in other states may be certified in Iowa. See application for renovators certified outside of Iowa.
Kansas 04.19.2010 Official page


Adopted 04.08.2010. Effective 04.09.2010. EPA announced 04.19.2010.
Kentucky Official page
Louisiana Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
Maine Official page
Maryland Official page
Massachusetts 07.09.2010 Official page To learn more about Massachusetts’ program, including how to apply for certification or find training, contact the Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety at 617.969.7177, or visit the state website.

See M.G.L.A. ch.111 §197B.

Michigan Official page
Minnesota Official page
Mississippi 04.12.2010 Official page Regulations were adopted 12.10.2009. See MS Code Ann. §§ 49-17-501(a). EPA announced 4.12.2010.
Missouri Official page
Montana Official page

MSU page

No plans to adopt RRP.
Nebraska Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
Nevada Official page
New Hampshire Official page
New Jersey Official page Renovators working in multifamily buildings may need to comply with NJ Lead Safe Maintenance rules, which require additional training beyond RRP. EPA-accredited training providers may request permission from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to teach a nine-hour RRP/NJ Maintenance class that meets both requirements.
New Mexico Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
New York Official page

New York City page

No plans to adopt RRP.
North Carolina Official page Temporary rule went into effect 01.01.2010 and required immediate compliance. Trainer qualifications follow EPA rules. Individual renovators and training providers must be certified by the state.
North Dakota Official page
Ohio Official page


Ohio requires RRP training providers to be state-approved. The e-learning format is not approved. Instructors must complete 24 hours of certified lead training and have three years of construction experience. There are additional requirements for training managers.
Oklahoma 2013 Official page Adopted RRP. Went into effect September 2013.
Oregon 05.03.2010 Official page


RRP statute passed in Spring 2009. Oregon officially recognized by EPA on 05.03.2010. See OR Rev. Stat. §§ 431.920.
Pennsylvania Official page
Puerto Rico No page identified No plans to adopt RRP.
Rhode Island 04.20.2010 Official page Announced by EPA 04.20.2010.
South Carolina Official page No plans to seek EPA approval.
South Dakota Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
Tennessee Official page
Texas Official page No plans to adopt RRP.
Utah 04.20.2010 Official page Utah received administrative rule approval on 04.07.2010. The rule was effective the next day. EPA announced 04.20.2010. All RRP renovator training providers teaching in Utah must be approved by the Utah LBP Program on or after the effective date of the Utah LBP Administrative Rules. See Utah Code Ann. § 19-2-104.
Vermont Official page
Virgin Islands (U.S.) No plans to adopt RRP.
Virginia Official page See VA Code Ann. §§ 54.1-500.
Washington 03.16.2011 Official page
West Virginia Official page
Wisconsin 10.20.2009 Official page The permanent rule was published 04.01.2010, replacing the previous emergency rule. The entire rule became effective 04.22.2010.

Wisconsin requires training providers to be state accredited but will accept training certificates from EPA- or state-approved courses from outside states. Individual renovators and companies must be certified by the state. No owner-occupied opt-out provision in rule.

Wyoming No page identified No plans to adopt RRP.