Lead Legal Strategies Partnership Technical Assistance Tools

National Center for Healthy Housing joined forces with ChangeLab Solutions and Earthjustice in 2019 to establish the Lead Legal Strategies Partnership in an ongoing effort to effect change at a systems level and improve outcomes today and for generations to come. With funding from The New York Community Trust, the Lead Legal Strategies Partnership mobilizes effective existing resources, data, model policies, and best practices to equip communities with the tools needed to actuate that change.

This series of informal technical assistance tools was developed in reaction to direct coaching requests and ongoing conversations between the Lead Legal Strategies Partnership and the Equipping Communities for Action cohort. You’ll find the opportunities and real-world examples presented below useful as you work to improve local policies in your area. This concrete, direct glimpse at how other localities have structured policies and processes, combined with a discussion of points to consider as you plan, can guide your first steps as you determine the approach most suitable for your community.

Opportunities to Strengthen Local Lead-Related Policies: Model Ordinance Language to Address Lead Risks in Existing Demolition Requirements
This technical assistance tool introduces model ordinance language that can be used by communities wanting to develop an ordinance to protect workers and families from unnecessary lead exposure from demolitions by adding to existing demolition requirements.

Opportunities to Strengthen Local Lead-Related Policies: RRP Certification