Extinguish Tool

NCHH is honored to host the Extinguish Tool, a database developed by students from the Georgia Institute of Technology that integrates datasets from multiple sources (including public housing developments, federally qualified health centers, medical centershospitals, home health services, tribal health service facilities, and Veteran Affairs facilities) into the most dynamic tool of its kind. The Extinguish Tool also contains a roster of outside resources to aid in smoking cessation.

In 2018, NCHH took over stewardship of the Exposure Tool, ensuring that all data is current.

Access the Extinguish Tool.


About the Extinguish Tool

The Extinguish Tool development team consisted of eight motivated Industrial and Systems Engineering students from the Georgia Institute of Technology. This diverse group of students with unique backgrounds and experiences were united by a singular vision: to improve the systems they worked on and create a positive impact on the people with whom they worked. The Extinguish Tool represents the manifestation of their vision.

Georgia Tech Senior Design Team

The Georgia Tech Senior Design Team, from left to right: Sonia Tetlow (CDC client contact), Connor Owen, Jiali Zhao, Vishal Mummigatti, Diem “Dineise” Tran, Jose Rodriguez, Divya Vedula, Aaron Ahn, Kristie Choe, Corinne Graffunder (CDC client contact), Julie Swann (Georgia Tech faculty adviser).



Many people were involved in the creation of the Extinguish Tool. The Senior Design Team would like to extend thanks to the following individuals for their help in making this project a reality:

  • CDC/OSH: Corinne Graffunder, Sonia Tetlow, Allison MacNeil, Randi Frank, Simon McNabb, Pam Lemos, Ketra Rice, Brian Armour, Brian King, Diane Beistle, Rebecca Murphy, Nishika Vidanage, Brandon Kenemer, Lili Casanova, Renee Nolen, Bob Rodes, Xin Xu, Karla Sneegas, Steve Babb, Sarah O’Leary, Sarah Edwards, Kari Sapsis, Janet Henry, and Kimberly August.
  • CDC/OADS: Brian Gurbaxani, Mim Kelly, and Kathleen Hayes.
  • Additional CDC Support: Joan Braithwaite, Priya Vijayasarathi, Wanda Barfield, Sally Lin, Cathleen Walsh, Nick Farrell, Erin Black, Frances Babcock, and Ann O’Connor.
  • State Partners: Hellen Dekle (SC), Sally Herndon (NC), Farid Shamo and Molly Cotant (MI), and Christin Kirchenbauer (OK).
  • Atlanta Housing Authority: Howard Grant and Cynthia McDonald.
  • Georgia Department of Public Health: Jean O’Connor.
  • HUD: Peter Ashley, Martin Nee, Marquita Sanders, Eric Christensen, Rachel Riley, Leroy Ferguson, and Merrie Nicholsdixon.

This project has been created as a part of a student senior design project at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The CDC Office of Smoking and Health and the CDC Office of the Associate Director for Science provided expertise and guidance for the development of the Extinguish Tool in the support of the implementation of HUD’s smoke-free policy. However, CDC does not endorse private products, services, or enterprises.