Other NCHH Fact Sheets

This section collects standalone fact sheets published by NCHH.

10 Valuable Healthy Homes Resources for Home-Based Child Care Providers [2021] NEW

The American Rescue Plan: Opportunities to Address Lead in Paint and Pipes [2021] NEW

The American Rescue Plan: Opportunities to Address Lead Hazards in Homes [2021] NEW

Background on the Importance of Healthy Housing for Older Adults [2008]

Carpets and Healthy Homes [2008]

Childhood Lead Poisoning: What You Should Know About Your Child’s Blood Lead Test Results [2022; also available en español]

Costs for Creating a Healthier Home [2018]

Green and Healthy Property Maintenance Costs and Activities [2007]

Federal Funding for Rural Healthy Housing [2023] NEW
This fact sheet provides an overview of federal programs from USDA, EPA, and HUD that provide funding to rural communities, organizations, and individuals. The fact sheet includes information on each program’s purpose, funding amount, and impact.

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist [2018; also available en español]

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist for Thermal Control: Extreme Cold [2022] NEW

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist for Thermal Control: Extreme Heat [2022] NEW

Healthy Homes Priorities for Homeowners [2009]

Our Impact [2023] NEW
NCHH’s work is underpinned by the mission of transforming lives by transforming housing and a clear vision to translate credible science into tools and catalyze systems change in low-income communities through partnerships, community-based research, and advocacy.

Rural Healthy Housing and Environmental Health [2023] NEW
This fact sheet from NCHH and NEHA provides a snapshot of key healthy housing and environmental health issues in rural communities and is intended as an introduction to the topic.

Tailored, Flexible, Responsive: Technical Assistance (TA) NCHH’s Way [2022] NEW

The Principles of a Healthy Home [2022] A healthy home is one that is dry, clean, safe, ventilated, free of pests and contaminants, well maintained, and thermally comfortable. In addition, homes should be affordable and accessible to all people, regardless of age or ability.

Testing for Lead in Consumer Items for Children [2007]

Toys and Childhood Lead Exposure [2007]

The Unjust Consequences of Providence Water’s Partial Lead Pipe Replacements [2022] NEW

The Zika Virus: Mitigation through the Enforcement of the International Property Maintenance Code [2017; with the International Code Council]


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