Blog Archive 2014-2016

Blog entries published on NCHH’s site from 2014 through 2016 appear in reverse chronological order below.


12/09: Decorating for the Holidays: How to Hang Your Lights Safely This Year by Erin Vaughan

11/15: Post-Election Analysis: Healthcare Financing for Healthy Homes Services Still Hard, Still Possible, Still Important by Amanda Reddy

10/28: Stand Up and Be Counted in the Fight against Lead Poisoning by Christopher Bloom

10/13: Hot Tips to Protect Your Home from Fires by Patricia Sarmiento

09/26: The Family that Smokes Together by Christopher Bloom

07/12: Democrats Add Eliminating Lead Poisoning to Party Platform by Julie Kruse

06/13: Taking Action: HUD’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Announcement – June 13, 2016 by David Jacobs and Anita Weinberg

05/24: Both House and Senate Move to Increase HUD Lead Hazard Control Funding by Julie Kruse

05/18: Four Proposals to Make Homes Healthier Through Better Model Codes: ICC Member Vote by May 26 by Tom Neltner and Jonathan Wilson

05/12: Find It, Fix It, Fund It: A Bold Call to Action to Eliminate Lead Poisoning by Julie Kruse and Christopher Bloom

05/06: NCHH and Coalition Campaign on Capitol Hill by Julie Kruse with Laura Fudala and Christopher Bloom

03/13: Fund Healthy Housing NOW! by Julie Kruse


10/19: Bring Back House Calls . . . and Fix the House by Jill Breysse

08/25: Remembering Congressman Stokes by David Jacobs

07/14: Green Renovation and Senior Living – Three Years of Healthier, Happier Residents by Jill Breysse

06/26: Appropriations Update and Take Action: Funding for Healthy Housing and Lead Poisoning Prevention by Julie Kruse

06/15: Tell Congress: No More Cuts to Lead Poisoning Prevention! by Sawyer Mittelstaedt

05/08: Reasonable Accommodations and Housing Code Compliance by Tom Neltner

04/06: New Senate Bill Would Weaken Existing Protections from Unscrupulous Overseas Suppliers, Putting Public and U.S. Manufacturers at Risk by Tom Neltner

03/24: NCHH Takes to the Hill by Christopher Bloom

03/23: Sign Our Congressional Funding Letter Today! by Julie Kruse

03/05: Formaldehyde and Wood Products by Tom Neltner

03/04: EPA Safer Choices by Tom Neltner


06/20: APHA, NCHH Release Healthy Housing Standard


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