Blog Archive 2011-2013

Blog entries published on NCHH’s site from 2011 through 2013 appear in reverse chronological order below.


04/10: CDC Releases Latest Blood Lead Data, Confirming that 535,000 Children Have High Levels and Disparities Persist by Jane Malone

03/20: Title X Amendments Act of 2013 by Phillip Dodge


11/14: Recessed Lights and Attic Insulation – A Losing Combination by Rebecca Morley

10/24: ERMI Data Used as a Predictor of Asthma by Jill Breysse

06/05: DIY Green Household Cleaning Solutions by Rebecca Morley

05/06: How to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires in Your Home by Laura Moreno-Hill

04/30: Carbon Monoxide – Protect Your Family Against This Silent Deadly Killer by Laura Moreno-Hill

03/20: What Lead Poisoning Did to My Family – Part 2 by Brenda Music

03/18: DIY Green Floor Cleaners by Rebecca Morley

03/13: What Lead Poisoning Did to My Family – Part 1 by Brenda Music


12/19: Congress Delivers Lump of Lead ‎– CDC Lead Poisoning Prevention Program Gutted by Dr. Megan Sandel

12/07: Pending Funding Cuts to Lead Poisoning Prevention Make Daily News by Rebecca Morley

11/17: ACCLPP Recommends Change in How CDC Determines Number Indicating a Child’s Blood Lead Level by Rebecca Morley and Jane Malone

11/09: Neighborhood Violence and Healthy Housing – Making the “Usual” Unusual by Ruth Lindberg

11/08: A “Little Bit” of Asthma by Susan Aceti

10/25: National Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Week by Rebecca Morley

10/19: Looking for an Apartment? – Part 2 by Judith Akoto

10/18: Looking for an Apartment? – Part 1 by Judith Akoto

10/12: Ugh! – Fleas in the House! by Rebecca Morley

10/11: Home Not-So-Safe Home – Part 2 by Jonathan Wilson

10/10: Orange Alert – CDC Lead Program Elimination by Rebecca Morley

10/06: Building Dampness, Mold, and Health by Jill Breysse

10/04: Home Not-So-Safe Home by Jonathan Wilson

10/04: Welcome to the NCHH Blog by Phillip Dodge

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