Learn About Healthy Housing in Your State or Territory

Check out resources and information about healthy housing in your state or territory. To view state-level specific resources, select a state or territory from the map below.

To view the nation’s housing health as a whole, open the United States Healthy Housing Fact Sheet.

U.S. Territories

American Samoa
N. Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands

Additional Resources

Healthy Housing Agency Fact Sheets
CDC, EPA, DOE, HUD—You’ve probably heard of these federal government agencies, but what is it that they actually do, and how does their work affect you? Learn about the wide range of programs managed by these federal agencies (and others) that work together to create healthier home environments and reduce the burden of housing-related illness and injury.

Resident and Homeowner Resources
Did you know that 35 million housing units in the U.S. have at least one health hazard, and more than five million of these have multiple or severe health hazards? These hazards include mold, dust, pests, deteriorated lead paint or pipes, electrical and physical hazards, radon, carbon monoxide, and other poisons and carcinogens and can cause illness, injury, or death. The following resources will take you to brochures, fact sheets, and websites to help you understand the hazards in your home and what you can do to alleviate or eliminate their impacts.


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