Proactive Rental Inspections

Healthy Housing through Proactive Rental Inspection (PRI)
ChangeLab Solutions explains how proactive rental inspection program can promote health and housing quality and provides the key elements of a PRI program. [pdf; ChangeLab Solutions, 2014]

A Guide to the Proactive Rental Inspection Programs
This guide outlines the benefits to both tenants and property owners of proactive rental inspections, challenges and opportunities in program design, and strategies for successful adoption. [pdf; ChangeLab Solutions, 2014]

Example: Tukwila, WA, Proactive Rental Inspection 
[url; City of Tukwila]

Example: Boston’s Proactive Rental Inspection Ordinance 
The Boston ordinance covers about 140,000 rental units and requires landlords to register their rental properties annual and inspections every five years. Chronic offenders (i.e., landlords with noncompliant properties) can be fined and are subject to more frequent inspections. [url; City of Boston]

  • Breathe Easy at Home
    This is a collaboration of several city agencies, including the Housing Inspection Division, Public Health Commission, and Urban Asthma Coalition, to ensure inspections and related follow-ups are done quickly to resolve substandard housing conditions. Health professionals refer patients with asthma for housing inspections if they suspect housing conditions are triggering asthma. [url; City of Boston]