Find and Compare State and Local Codes

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Interactive Tools

Code Comparison Tool
The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) has developed an online tool that will enable communities to compare their current housing/property maintenance code to the National Healthy Housing Standard (NHHS) and the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). This online tool may be used by staff of organizations seeking to improve the health of their communities. They may be staff of local health departments, local housing agencies, housing-based nonprofits, neighborhood associations, universities, or other similar organizations

I-Code Adoption 
Scroll down and click your state on the map to learn which I-Codes of the International Code Council (ICC) have been adopted by your state and, as available, your jurisdiction. Note that not all states and local jurisdictions adopt codes as updated (every three years) or set a mechanism in place to adopt updates automatically. Additionally, many states and local jurisdictions create supplemental codes provisions to meet local concerns and priorities. [url; International Code Council, 2023] [pdf]


Local Code Reference Library from ecode360 
Search for your local code here. [url; ecode360]

Local Code Reference Library from Municode 
Search for your local code here. [url; Municode]

State Examples

Codes Supporting Healthy Homes
This document includes examples from seven states and 12 localities of incentives to promote healthy homes and address code violations. [pdf; Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, 2012]

Healthy Housing Codes by State.
NCHH has collected links to healthy housing codes for most states and many localities, as well as state legislation and code-finding resources. [url; NCHH, 2021]

How Does Your Local Code Compare?
NCHH reviewed the housing codes of 11 jurisdictions to see how they fared when compared to the National Healthy Housing Standards (NHHS) and the International Property Management Code (IPMC).

Strategies to Address Unsafe and Unhealthy Housing in Philadelphia.
This report provides recommendations for using code enforcement to improve healthy housing in Philadelphia, based on models and interviews from across the country. [pdf; Temple University Beasley School of Law, 2016]

Energy Efficiency

Energy Code Status Maps
The Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) provides maps demonstrating state-by-state commercial and residential energy code adoption. You can view individual state pages from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side. Local adoptions by state are also available for 14 states. [url; BCAP]

Status of State Energy Code Adoption
The Department of Energy (DOE) hosts these maps to indicate which states have adopted commercial and residential energy efficiency codes and, if adopted, what version of the code. You can view individual state pages from the dropdown menu below the maps. [url; DOE]

Green Building

Green Affordable Housing Policy Toolkit
This document provides policy frameworks and step-by-step guidelines for promoting, shaping, and implementing green building and affordable housing policy, as well as case studies from five states. [pdf; Enterprise Community Partners]


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