Injury Prevention Research Projects

Eliminating injury hazards is an important component of a healthy home. Common injury hazards include trips and falls, cuts from sharp objects, exposure to carbon monoxide, fire, and others. NCHH has evaluated many healthy homes programs that have included an injury prevention component. The home environment is a leading cause of premature death and disability.

Since achieving healthy housing involves taking a holistic view of the home, some of the research projects listed below may not only be about injury prevention; however, injury prevention is a component of each project.

NCHH’s Injury Prevention Research Projects

Aging Gracefully in Safer and Healthier Homes
Cincinnati HOME Project
Evaluation of the HUD Older Adults Home Modification Grant Program*
Incorporating Injury Prevention into Energy Weatherization Programs
Phoenix Healthy Homes
Providence Healthy Homes
Smoke Alarm Study

*This is a current research project.

Recommended Reading

Phelan, K. J., Khoury, J., Xu, Y., Liddy, S., Hornung, R., & Lanphear, B. P. (2011, April). A randomized controlled trial of home injury hazard reduction: The HOME injury study. Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, 165(4), 339-345.


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