History and Accomplishments

Below is a list of recent NCHH events. Links to a comprehensive history appear at the bottom of this page. You may also view an interactive timeline of NCHH’s history.

In 2022…

NCHH will celebrate its 30th anniversary in September.

In 2020…

In partnership with the Day One Project, NCHH authored a draft executive order for the incoming Biden-Harris Administration, entitled Ensuring Healthy Homes: Eliminating Lead and Other Housing Hazards.

In 2019…

NCHH and partners Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) and National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) released the Lead-Safe Toolkit for Home-Based Child Care, created to educate home-based child care providers about lead exposure, help them to establish lead prevention policies for their businesses, and learn vital lead prevention strategies for use in their child care homes.

NCHH released the Code Comparison Tool, designed to compare local housing codes against the International Property Maintenance Code and the National Healthy Housing Standard.

In 2018…

NCHH published a pair of technical briefs relating to funding community health worker services.

NCHH took over stewardship of the Extinguish Tool from Georgia Tech.

NCHH awarded 10 mini-grants to support efforts to integrate healthy homes activities into healthcare systems and policies, and develop a trained, reliable workforce to provide healthy homes services.

NCHH unveiled a new, comprehensive, and completely redesigned website.

In 2017…

NCHH contributed to 10 Policies to Prevent and Respond to Childhood Lead Exposure, a comprehensive report published by the Health Impact Project.

NCHH celebrated its 25th anniversary on September 7 with a private function honoring both past and current board and staff.

Amanda Reddy was selected as NCHH’s fourth executive director, succeeding Nancy Rockett Eldridge.

NCHH created a new nonprofit organization called the National Well Home Network, with Nancy Rockett Eldridge assuming the role of director.

NCHH released Building Systems to Sustain Home-Based Asthma Services, a free comprehensive online learning and technical assistance platform designed to equip staff public health agencies, state asthma-control programs, state Medicaid agencies, and other housing and health organizations with information on how to build the systems, infrastructure, and financing to put home-based asthma services in place in their respective states, communities, or regions.

NCHH launched the Aging Gracefully in Place initiative in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and organizations in four communities around the country to evaluate the replicability of JHU’s CAPABLE intervention model.

NCHH and partners at the New York State Department of Health published three articles in The Journal of Public Health Management and Practice summarizing the health and cost benefit of the New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Program. Four federal agencies collaborated to write two companion commentaries.


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