Financing and Funding Resources

Healthcare Financing for Healthy Housing
NCHH’s resource library provides a detailed overview of key financing strategies and links to resources for healthy home programs financed through healthcare sources such as nonprofit hospitals and public or private insurance. It offers a “Where to Start” feature that provides a range of options, depending on whether you’re new to healthcare financing of healthy homes or looking for ways to secure reimbursement for healthy home improvements or renovations. [url; NCHH]

Financing Healthy Housing 
This brief, created by the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition, focuses on potential healthy housing finance avenues. It’s based on findings from a 2008 CDC/NCHH convening that addressed healthy housing interventions known to improve health and reduce risks associated with environmental hazards in the home. [url; NCHH, 2009]

Sustainable Solutions: Devoting More Resources to Making Housing Healthy
A 2014 Chicago-area summit yielded this document that concisely describes several potential funding streams and resources to support healthy housing improvements. [url; Loyola University-Chicago, 2014]

Curated Resources

Choose from the list below to access pages of resources that we’ve curated to help you learn more about various aspects of financing and funding for healthy homes services.

Federal Funding of Healthy Housing 

Financial Help for Home Repairs 

Federal Tax Credits

Fund Programs to Improve Thermal Control in Homes and Support Residents NEW

State and Local Funding Opportunities

Housing Bonds

Local Funding/Incentive Programs


Crowdsourcing for Affordable Housing and Community Development

Developer Community Benefits

Hospital Community Benefits

Information on Healthcare Savings Due to Affordable Housing and Connecting Affordable Housing and Health

Sustainable Funding Mechanisms


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