Workforce Resources

For this section, we’ve compiled resources to help build a strong healthy homes workforce involving either well-trained staff or a well-coordinated team of volunteers. Although this section is divided into the categories of professional workforce and training and volunteer, some information may be pertinent to both categories.

Professional Workforce and Training

The Professional Workforce and Training section focuses on two areas:

  1. Resources for building a healthy housing workforce, such as developing a community health worker program for home-based services (e.g., asthma control, lead poisoning follow-up).
  2. Training and professional development programs to help ensure staff are following the most current practices to create and support healthy housing and public health, ranging from home health visits and inspections to community outreach, advocacy, and construction practices.

Professional Workforce and Training

Public Health Student Projects

Professional Development Opportunities in Healthcare

Energy Efficiency and Green Building Trainings

Volunteer Workforce

These resources are intended to help both individuals looking for volunteer opportunities and organizations interested in recruiting volunteers. Many of the sites offer advice and guidance to groups interested in starting a volunteer program. Additionally, although many organizations whose volunteers require some training have their own programs, there are also a few training programs listed that are specifically designed for volunteers.

Volunteer Workforce

Faith-Based Programs

Volunteer Training Programs