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These quick and easy resources can be helpful to residents and homeowners looking for ways to increase the health and safety of their homes.

NEW Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist for Thermal Control: Extreme Cold [2022]

NEW Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist for Thermal Control: Extreme Heat [2022]

Healthy Homes Maintenance Checklist
This is a seasonal checklist for healthy home maintenance originally developed for the Healthy Homes Training Center and Network project. The PDF provides a matrix of maintenance tasks and the seasons in which they should be completed. Also available en español. [pdf; NCHH, 2018]

Costs for Creating a Healthier Home
This fact sheet outlines steps homeowners can take to create a healthy home. It provides approximate costs related to each step or repair, and the steps are aligned with the principles of healthy homes. [pdf; NCHH, 2018]

Childhood Lead Poisoning: What You Should Know About Your Child’s Blood Lead Test Results
This fact sheet explains where toxic lead is found within the built environment, how children are poisoned by it, and what lead test results mean. It also discusses treatment options and guides parents through the process of reducing their child’s blood lead level. Also available en español: El envenenamiento con plomo en la infancia. [pdf; NCHH]

Do-It-Yourself Home Environmental Assessment List (HEAL)
Originally designed by the Clean Air for Kids Asthma and Allergies Management Program, this do-it-yourself home environmental assessment is designed to help you identify ways to make your home environment healthy. The two-part assessment consists of a survey and an action plan. [pdf; Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department]

The Ultimate Home Checklist
This do-it-yourself home maintenance list identifies tasks that should be completed daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally. [url; DoItYourself.com]

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