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Coalition Facts and Activities (Revised May 2023)

The National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition is a broad, voluntary coalition of over 650 members, including 400 organizations, working to improve housing conditions nationwide through education and outreach to key national stakeholders and federal public decision makers. The coalition promotes policies for safe and healthy housing in the United States, with special emphasis on those who are disproportionately impacted.

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How the Coalition Works

There are no membership fees associated with joining the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition. The coalition seeks member organizations that represent the diversity of the safe and healthy housing community, will contribute to and support the coalition’s policy agenda, and will actively help to achieve the purpose and goals of the coalition. More than one person from an organization can receive email, but there should be a designated representative and alternate from each organizational member. The coalition also welcomes individual members who are not affiliated with a member organization.

An eight- to 16-member steering committee provides leadership and direction to the coalition and takes positions or make statements on its behalf. Member organizations may request that their names not be listed on any coalition statements. As the fiscal and administrative agent for the coalition, NCHH serves as the coalition coordinator and plans coalition meetings with input from the steering committee.

What’s Involved in Participating

Monthly action steps, designed to encourage member participation in the policy process, are emailed to coalition members. The coalition will also occasionally send out urgent action items or hold informative webinars. A quarterly survey is sent to coalition members to assess needs and policy activities.

The main method for advancing the goals of the coalition is through coordinated individual advocacy. Members will be encouraged throughout the year and provided with opportunities to engage in congressional outreach, host local events, and join social media campaigns.

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National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition


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