Tenant Protections

Health and home hazard in rental properties can go undetected unless tenants report violations; however, tenants may avoid speaking out for fear of retribution by the owner or being evicted once the issue(s) are addressed. Most states and jurisdictions have enacted provisions to protect tenants in these situations. Below are examples of such provisions.

Maryland Tenant Protections 
The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) compiled this list of provisions in Maryland state laws that protect tenants. [url, GHHI, 2013]

Washington State Law Prohibiting Retaliation 
This section of Washington law prohibits reprisals or retaliatory actions by landlords.

Washington State Rights of Repairs for Tenants
The Tenants Union of Washington State provides a hotline for tenants to report unhealthy housing conditions and advocates for tenant rights. They educate tenants, ensure landlords make necessary repairs, and assist tenants as they communication with landlords. The focus areas listed on their site included repair requests, bed bugs, mold and indoor air quality, and relocation assistance. [url; Tenants Union of Washington State]