Second Annual California Healthy Housing Coalition General Meeting

January 24-25, 2011 – Sacramento, California

Here are a few things we’re asking you to do prior to the meeting.

To facilitate discussion and make the most effective use of our time together, review the documents below prior to the meeting. These include draft guidelines for the coalition and roles and responsibilities for steering committee members. We’ll be discussing these at the meeting, making necessary changes, and voting on adoption of the documents.

Draft Guidelines [doc] Steering Commitee Responsibility and Roles [doc]

If you haven’t yet sent in a membership form to the coalition, do so now. You will not be able to nominate or vote for steering committee members or vote on coalition policies until we have received a membership form. Use either the Word or PDF format below and send the form in as indicated. You may also bring the completed form to the meeting with you.

Membership Form [doc] Membership Form [pdf]