Improving Indoor Air Quality—Community Spotlight

At the National Center for Healthy Housing, it’s our mission to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy place to call home. With more than six million families living in substandard housing, NCHH’s role is to equip leaders in the public health, housing, and environmental sectors with practical, evidence-based solutions to improve housing quality and improve the health of their communities. One of the ways we do this is by celebrating healthy housing leaders and shining a light on the new and innovative ways they are approaching their work, the successes they’ve had, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the opportunities that are coming. We find that spotlights like these not only amplify and promote inspiring local efforts but also can inspire new communities to take action, reinvigorate stalled efforts, and stimulate creative thinking.

Visit the links below to learn more about communities taking action to put systems-level policies and programs in place and create healthy, thriving, and sustainable communities.

Do you know a community leader who should be featured here? Are you looking to celebrate action in your community? Are these spotlights making you feel reinvigorated in your efforts or interested in exploring flexible, innovative, and impactful actions you might take? NCHH and our partners are here to celebrate you, support you, and/or help you reach your goals. Reach out today to learn more!

More Community Stories

These community spotlights aren’t the only way NCHH has highlighted communities across the country that are making a difference in ensuring healthy homes for all. For more examples of innovative and inspiring work at the local level, visit these pages:


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