Current NCHH Policy Work

The National Center for Healthy Housing puts a large emphasis on policymaking to achieve the goal of safe housing nationwide. Current projects in this field include involvement in both administrative and legislative work through funding requests, laws and regulations, advocacy, and education.

Every fiscal year, the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition (NSHHC), of which NCHH is a proud member, submits appropriations requests to Congress. These requests target specific programs that advance the goal of healthy housing, advocating for more funding and support to be given to these programs.

Laws and regulations bolster the efficacy of this funding, and NCHH works with members of the government each year to get healthy housing on their minds. Positive results of this include the introduction of healthy housing bills into legislative sessions or new regulations approved by executive agencies. NCHH engages with regulatory updates through formally submitting comments about the pros and cons of these changes. Additionally, NCHH serves as an educational body, helping to educate lawmakers and members of executive agencies about the importance of healthy homes and what can be done by these bodies to assure the safety of our communities.

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Federal Appropriations for Healthy Homes

Federal Healthy Housing Legislation

Policy Action Letters

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