Economic Evaluation Research Projects

Quantifying costs and benefits of healthy housing is important because it can help decision makers and others understand why investments can pay off in both dollars and health improvements, increase the supply of quality housing, reduce healthcare costs, and make it clear how housing financing systems can be brought to bear.

Since achieving healthy housing involves taking a holistic view of the home, some of the research projects listed below may not only be about economic evaluation; however, economic evaluation is a component of each project.

NCHH’s Economic Evaluation Research Projects

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a State-Funded Healthy Homes Program for Residents with Asthma
10 Policies to Prevent and Respond to Childhood Lead Exposure
Comprehensive Lead Education and Reduction through Window Replacement (CLEAR WIN)
Home RX: The Health Benefits of Home Performance
The New York State Healthy Neighborhoods Program

*This is a current research project.

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