Professional Workforce and Training

NCHH Workforce Development Resources
These resources provide access to key information on community health worker (CHW) laws, certification standards and the value of CHW services. Also featured are links to training specifically focused on supporting healthier home practices, such as reducing environmental triggers in the home, lead-safe RRP (renovation, repair, and painting), and healthy home credentials. [url; NCHH]

Community Health Workers (CHW) Toolkit
This tool kit comprehensively addresses numerous aspects of CHW programs, including descriptions of various CHW models, training approaches, implementation strategies, impact measurements, and best practices. It also offers links to state certification programs, status of state training/certification standards compiled by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), and numerous state programs.

Healthy Housing Challenge
This partnership between NCHH and Rebuilding Together was forged to provide training, funding, and technical support to help local Rebuilding Together affiliates make healthy home repairs. The program helps affiliates to identify major home hazards, improve the quality of repair work, and increase the average investment per home. [url; NCHH]

American Lung Association (ALA) Education and Training Courses
The ALA provides access to training and education programs, including asthma basics, asthma management, and other respiratory issues; becoming an ALA facilitator for smoking cessation seminars, and employer trainings. [url; ALA]

Green, Healthy Homes and Communities
This is a subset of training courses offered by NeighborWorks America via their quarterly Training Institutes and at place-based trainings upon request from partner organizations. The trainings are generally targeted to affordable housing and nonprofit community development organizations. Topics addressed include “Intro to Healthy Homes,” “Healthy Homes in Construction and Rehab,” “Green and Healthy Strategies for Multifamily Properties,” and many others. [url; NeighborWorks America]

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) Training
This page lists GHHI presentations and technical trainings available for cities, counties, and states across the country. GHHI will adapt sessions to meet an organization’s goals, needs, and level of expertise. [url; GHHI]

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
NAHRO offers a broad variety of trainings for housing and development officials, including several to meet HUD certifications, such as “Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS)” and “Housing Quality Standards.” [url; NAHRO]

Master That™ Interactive Training for Weatherization
This course offers Weatherization plus Health practitioners best practices to address home repair and upgrade situations with potential health-related issues. The training modules are designed as “how-to” models for workers and, while not intended to define DOE Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) policy, the content is considered consistent with WPN 11-6 and current WAP best practices. [url; Weatherization Plus Health, National Association for State Community Service Programs (NASCSP)]

National Healthy Homes Training Center
The National Healthy Homes Training Center provides courses on the basics of healthy homes and specialized topics, such as integrated pest management. The trainings target various audiences including environmental health practitioners, public health and housing professionals, and community health workers (CHWs). The courses are designed to promote cross-training of public health and housing practitioners to assess and treat housing-related health hazards. [url; HUD]

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