Volunteer Training Programs

Community Health Workers (CHW) Toolkit 
Many CHWs are volunteers working in their local community. This resource comprehensively addresses numerous aspects of CHW programs, including descriptions of various CHW models, training approaches, implementation strategies, impact measurements, and best practices. It also offers links to state certification programs, status of state training/certification standards compiled by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), and access to numerous state programs. [url; Rural Health Information Hub]

Master Home Environmentalist (MHE) Program
This program trains volunteers to conduct no-cost home environmental assessments and helps residents to manage environmental health problems. MHE volunteers use the Home Environmental Assessment List© (HEAL©) created by the American Lung Association (ALA) to identify potential environment and health problems and work with the resident to create an action plan which helps them reduce their exposure to pollutants. Originally created by the Washington State ALA, the program is now offered in several other states including California, Oregon, and Rhode Island. [url; American Lung Association]

Related Resource

Value of Volunteer Time
This study assigns a dollar value to volunteer time. It’s a good resource for organizations mulling the idea of creating a volunteer program as well as for organizations interested in quantifying the value of their volunteers for funders and other interested stakeholders. [url; Independent Sector]

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