Housing and Community Interventions to Improve Health

The Community Guide
This website provides findings and systematic reviews from the Community Preventive Services Task Force. The Task Force develops recommendations and determines evidence gaps to help inform federal, state, and local health practitioners. The Community Guide focuses on interventions to improve community health and well-being: which interventions have worked, target populations, and potential costs and benefits. The site features extensive information on health issues ranging from diabetes to health equity to nutrition. Its tool box provides a collection of public health materials to help users assess and carry out evidence-based public health strategies and interventions. The tool box includes case studies, fact sheets, evaluations, templates, and other materials that public health practitioners can adapt to help them plan and design effective interventions. [url; HHS]

CDC Community Health Improvement Navigator
This interactive database of inventions allows users to specify a variety of filters (such as populations, risks, and types) to search for reports related to specified factors. Studies and reports fall under four action areas: socioeconomic factors, physical environment, health behaviors, and clinical care. [url; CDC]