Before the Fire

With a variety of topics ranging from protecting your physical health to protecting your home and property, the resources below will guide you through the necessary precautions to take before a wildfire or its smoke reaches you and your home.

Background: Frequency/Geographic Impact

Using visual aids, including maps and graphs, these resources present data that indicate the locations, frequency, and severity of wildfire damage in the United States. Residents can use these resources to determine if they live in an area that is high risk or is trending towards being high risk for wildfires.

U.S. Wildfires in 2019
EcoWest’s interactive website provides a map that plots U.S. wildfires since 2003 plus graphs of state rank and annual wildfire acreage. [url; EcoWest]

Facts + Statistics: Wildfires
This website provides users with quick wildfires facts and statistics including wildfires by year, annual number of acres burned, states at high wildfire risk, and more. [url; III]

When and Where Are Wildfires Most Common in the U.S.?
The DataFace used U.S. Forest Service data to create maps and graphs illustrating where wildfires start and peak wildfire season by state, month, and year. [url; DataFace, 2018]

Background: Indoor Air Quality

Wildfire smoke poses a significant risk to your health, especially when it enters your home. Use this resource to understand how your indoor environment effects your health and how important it is to consider indoor air quality during wildfire smoke events.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality
NCHH’s web page provides information on ventilation, airborne contaminants, indoor humidity, and HVAC considerations as they relate to preventing health hazards in the home. [url; NCHH]

Preparedness and Evacuation

Have you been ordered to evacuate, or are you anticipating such an order? If so, use these resources to prepare as thoroughly as possible and ensure that you have a safe experience.

How to Prepare for a Wildfire
This guide from FEMA covers how to prepare for evacuation as well as preparing your home for a wildfire. [pdf; FEMA]

Ready: Wildfires
This website lists steps to remain safe before, during, and after a wildfire, and includes links to survivor stories, a social media toolkit, a guide for preparing your organization for a wildfire, and other resources. [url; DHS, 2020]

Wildfire Evacuation
FEMA’s fact sheet includes some basic tips for staying safe during an evacuation. [pdf; FEMA]

Fire Evacuation Checklist
This checklist from the U.S. Forest Service covers all of the steps families should take to prepare for an evacuation. [pdf; USFS]