City Housing Checkup

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NCHH, Socrata, and The Civic Engine are developing the City Housing Checkup to improve the uniformity, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of housing health and safety regulations nationally. The City Housing Checkup is a dashboard of a city’s performance on housing health and safety. By highlighting patterns of unsafe housing and identifying the factors responsible for these patterns, City Housing Checkup will provide the insights and evidence needed for regulators, advocates, and policy makers to improve housing conditions.

City Housing Checkup leverages national efforts to make government housing inspection data more transparent. Recent developments in open data are bringing housing code inspections into the light. For example, the House Facts Open Data Standard is a uniform format for reporting government data on the operation, safety, and performance of residential buildings. Several cities and information technology companies have already adopted the House Facts standards in their business practices. Disclosure of housing inspection data in a uniform standard allows application developers to build information tools for housing consumers, property owners, regulators, and advocates.

For additional information about the City Housing Checkup, please contact Amanda Reddy.