Passive House Asthma Mitigation by Optimizing Unique Building Systems (PHAMOUS): Frequently Asked Questions for the Study

Q: I thought I had to complete only one survey, not seven surveys.
A: The study team tested the survey and found it was easier for participants to complete seven separate three-minute daily surveys than to complete one survey covering seven days of activities. Participants will answer the same number of questions as originally planned. A gift card will be provided after you have completed the week of daily surveys.

Q: How much time do I have to complete a survey?
A: Please try to complete each three-minute daily survey within 48 hours. For example, complete Monday’s survey by Wednesday night.

Q: If I don’t complete a survey for a particular day, can I finish it later?
A: Yes, if you haven’t clicked the DONE button. Once you click the DONE button for a daily survey, you cannot go back and change or add data to that survey. If you click the link for a DONE survey, you will be taken to the main SurveyMonkey page.

Q: I started a survey, but the NEXT button won’t take me to the next page. How can I enter the rest of the data?
A: If the NEXT button doesn’t take you to next page, you likely left a question blank. You are required to answer all the questions. Check that there are no error alerts or missing answers on your current page.

Q: When will I get my gift card?
A: You’ll receive a $25 electronic gift card within 48 hours of completing the last of the seven daily surveys.

Q: How will I get my gift card?
A: The study is using the company to send gift cards. will send you an email or text with a link for you to select the electronic gift card option that works best for you. (See the next question for more information.)

Q: What are my gift card options?
A: You can choose a gift card that can be used at different stores or a card for a specific store. For example, a $25 Visa electronic gift card can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Or you can select a $25 electronic gift card to shop at a single store, including CVS, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, or Subway.

Q: How many times will I have to complete a set of seven daily surveys?
A: We will send you a new set of surveys every three months for one year, for a total of four sets. You’ll get a $25 gift card after completing each set of surveys. If you complete all four sets of daily surveys, you will receive $100 worth of gift cards.

Q: Is there a place in the survey that I can enter additional information about a particular day?
A: Feel free to enter any notes or comments on Question 11 of the survey.

Q: Do I have to enter the income, race/ethnicity, and the number of occupants questions every day?
A: No, only the first survey asks you these questions.

Sample Survey

PHAMOUS Household Activity Survey


Latest page update: May 8, 2023.