Date: November 30th, 2007

Key Topic: Codes and Regulations, Lead, Poisoning, Policy

Type: Articles, Publications, Research

Status: Archived

Principle: Clean, Contaminant-Free

Audience: Healthy Housing Professionals, Local Governments, Policymakers, Researchers

Project: Abell, HUD

State: Maryland

Maryland; lead poisoning; lead exposure; lead hazard control; Abell Foundation; Department of the Environment; MDE; MD 760; Baltimore City Health Department; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Environmental Protection Agency; HUD; EPA; dust lead loadings; clearance; dust wipe sampling; visual assessment; Environmental Research; Jill Breysse; Jack Anderson; Sherry Dixon; Warren Galke; Jonathan Wilson; publications; articles; 2007; Article0853; | Immediate and One-Year Post-Intervention Effectiveness of Maryland’s Lead Law Treatments