Date: August 10th, 2009

Key Topic: Codes and Regulations, Lead, Poisoning, Policy

Type: Standards and Assessments

Status: Archived

Principle: Contaminant-Free

Audience: Consumers, Families Caregivers, General Audience, Policymakers, Property Owners, Tenants

Project: LSH

Lead Standards Petition Letter to Lisa Jackson, EPA, 2009

EPA, lead, standards, 40 CFR 745, AFHH, Alliance for Healthy Homes, CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Childhood Lead Action Project, Colleen McCauley, Davida Andelman, EHW, Environmental Health Watch, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Health Resources in Action, Healthy Homes Collaborative, HRIA, IKE Coalition, Improving Kids’ Environment, Janet McCabe, Jerome Paulson, Kara Eastman, lead, lead poisoning prevention, lead dust, lead paint, lead-based paint, letter, Linda Kite, Lisa Jackson, New Jersey Citizen Action, OHKA, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, Patrick MacRoy, petition, Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Public Citizens for Children and Youth, Rebecca Morley, Roberta Hazen Aaronson, Sierra Club, Stuart Greenberg, Tom Neltner, Toxic Substances Control Act, TSCA, United Parents Against Lead, UPAL, window sill, windowsill, Zakia Rafiqa Shabazz,  | EPA Lead Standards Petition August 2009