Date: July 23rd, 2020

Key Topic: Health Equity

Type: Build the Movement, Education Information, Information and Evidence, Policy, PowerPoints, Presentations

Status: Active

Audience: Advocates, Families Caregivers, General Audience, Healthy Housing Professionals, Tenants

Project: LSH

State: Illinois, Texas

PowerPoint; National Low Income Housing Coalition; NLIHC; Temple University; Center for Public Health Law Research; CPHLR; health equity; housing vouchers; Oak Park Regional Housing Center; OPRHC; Inclusive Communities Project; Athena Williams; Demetria McCain; Scott Burris; Amanda Reddy; diversity; fair housing; neighborhoods; communities; Dallas; Chicago; Oak Park; Texas; TX; Illinois; IL; health equity in housing; policy; presentation; webinar; slides; slide deck; PDF; 2020; | Legal Levers for Health Equity in Housing, Part 1: Creating Equitable, Diverse Neighborhoods and Communities [expanded slides]