Date: April 7th, 2022

Key Topic: Air Pollution, Asthma, Carbon Monoxide, Healthy Housing, Radon

Type: Information and Evidence, NCHH Mentioned, Publications, Research

Status: Active

Principle: Contaminant-Free, Ventilated

Audience: Advocates, General Audience, Healthy Housing Professionals, Local Governments, Policymakers, Researchers

Project: ECP, JPB, Kresge, WFHF

State: Illinois, New York

Studying the Optimal Ventilation for Environmental Indoor Air Quality [Summary]

STOVE project; STOVE study; JPB Foundation; Kresge Foundation; Wells Fargo; Enterprise Community Partners; Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; School of Public Health at the University of Illinois Chicago; Christopher Bland; Miranda Brazeal; Jill Breysse; Susan Buchanan; Stephany De Scisciolo; Sherry Dixon; Lindsay Eilers; Elizabeth Garland; David E. Jacobs; Erin Thanik; Jonathan Wilson; research; indoor air quality; IAQ; particulate matter, PM2.5; PM 2.5; nitrogen dioxide; NO2; carbon dioxide; CO2; NO; carbon monoxide; formaldehyde; ventilation; mechanical ventilation; intermittent ventilation; green building; green criteria; asthma; respiratory illness; affordable housing; multifamily housing; ASHRAE Standard 62.2; Healthy Homes, Happy Kids; Illinois; New York; New York City; NYC; publications; reports; 2021; 2022; pdf; | Studying the Optimal Ventilation for Environmental Indoor Air Quality [Summary]