Date: July 31st, 2008

Key Topic: Lead, Policy

Type: Non-NCHH, Policy, Publications

Status: Archived

Principle: Contaminant-Free, Maintained

Audience: Advocates, Healthy Housing Professionals, Local Governments, Policymakers

State: Michigan

Berrien County Health Department; Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan; Public Health – Muskegon County; Theresa Green; Paul Haan; Jill Montgomery Keast; Mary DuFour Morrow; Kym Worthy; Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office; Peter D. Jacobson; University of Michigan School of Public Health; Jonathan Schwartz; National Association of County and City Health Officials; NACCHO; lead; policy; publications; pdf; | Tool Book for Initiating Effective Policy Change: What You Can Do in Your Community to Protect Children from Lead Poisoning