Date: May 9th, 2023

Type: Videos

State: California

CDPH Webinar – Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative Webinar

Webinar date: October 24, 2022.

This webinar was sponsored by the California Department of Public Health, Childhood Leap Poisoning Prevention Branch. We thank them for allowing us to share it here.

The Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative (“the Collaborative”) invites public health departments, water utilities, and affiliated organizations to join this session to learn about its resources, including new materials on enhancing equity in lead service line replacement programs as well as a “matchmaking survey” to connect local public health professionals and drinking water utilities. The Collaborative has a collection of resources to help communities across the country develop and implement replacement programs. The Collaborative is a joint effort of 28 national public health, water utility, environmental, labor, consumer, housing, and state and local governmental organizations to accelerate full removal of the lead pipes providing drinking water to millions of American homes​.

• Roya Alkafaji; Manager, Healthy Communities at Environmental Defense Fund, Chicago, IL.
• Amanda Reddy, MS; Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing, Columbia, MD.
• Lynn Thorp; National Campaigns Director, Clean Water Action, Washington, DC.
• Mason Hines, CRES; Mediator and PR3 Program Manager, RESOLVE, Washington, DC.

Also appearing:
• Kevin Wagner; Communications Consultant, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch, California Department of Health.

• National Public Radio’s “Find Lead Pipes in Your Home” app:
• Clean Water Action’s “Lead and Drinking Water” webpage (includes “How Lead Gets into Drinking Water” infographic):
• Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative’s “Equity in Lead Service Line Replacement” webpage (includes link to the step-by-step “Guide to Equity Analysis”):
• NCHH’s Lead-Safe Toolkit for Home-Based Child Care:
• CDC/ATSDR’s Social Vulnerability Index:…
• Lead and Copper Rule Revisions:…

Partner websites:
• California Department of Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch webpage:
• Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative website:
• Environmental Defense Fund website:
• National Center for Healthy Housing website:
• Clean Water Action website:
• RESOLVE website: