April 23rd, 2018

Our Expertise, Your Success: Building Successful Home-Based Asthma Services

by Laura Fudala

Are you working to launch or expand the availability of home-based asthma services in your area? Would you benefit from help developing or refining your “elevator pitch”? Or perhaps you could use some advice on how to build your best workforce team or reach the right clients? Maybe you’re struggling with what “sustainably financing” your efforts even means? Do you want or need access to someone who knows a great deal about this field and what’s going on in other states or communities? We can help!

For the next 10 weeks, NCHH and several of our expert colleagues will offer “open office hours” to share feedback, advice, mentorship, successful (or not!) peer examples, or even just be a friendly ear to those wanting to discuss challenges and next steps related to the many facets of building systems to sustain home-based asthma services.

This initiative welcomes any and all related discussions, and we encourage you to ask your questions and bring your challenges on specific issues related to your current work.


To kick off this initiative, our first two weeks are dedicated to the foundational concepts of understanding sustainable financing and making your business case. With firsthand experience and decades of knowledge, our experts are here to help you think through such questions as:

  • How do I identify potential opportunities in my state or community to partner with the healthcare system to finance home-based asthma services?
  • How do I develop a value proposition statement, or “elevator pitch,” to communicate our unique value to a potential funder quickly, concisely, and compellingly?

Simply email lfudala@nchh.org, and we’ll connect you to one of the experts and get started.


After this initial launch, we’ll continue to send out weekly prompts to inspire conversation, constructive thinking, and participation around the topics and strategies that align with our collection of free eLearning resources. (Side note: You should check out the eLearning platform whether you’re interested in talking to any of our experts or not. The resources are free, self-paced, and contain a lot of useful information.) At any time, you can sign up to speak to an expert, request to learn more about this informal coaching initiative, or subscribe to receive weekly reminders of this initiative and possible topics for discussion by emailing lfudala@nchh.org.

A full schedule of topics to prompt conversation is listed below, but again, please reach out with your thoughts on any topic at any time; we’re here for you!

Week 1 April 23 Overview of Sustainable Financing
Week 2 April 30 Making the Business Case
Week 3 May 7 Adapting Systems for Sustainability
Week 4 May 14 Client Referral and Eligibility
Week 5 May 21 Developing the Scope of Services
Week 6 May 28 Assembling a Qualified Workforce
Week 7 June 4 Selecting Supplies and Ancillary Services
Week 8 June 11 Connecting and Collaborating for Sustainability
Week 9 June 18 Program Evaluation and Reporting


Bonus: In-Person Opportunity

As an extra bonus, our experts will be at the NEHA 2018 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition and HUD Healthy Homes Conference in Anaheim, California, from June 25 to 28 and ready to continue their open office hours face-to-face with conference attendees! You won’t need to sign up to take advantage of these open office hours, but you can – it’s up to you and what fits into your schedule. We plan to offer times with our experts during the exhibition sessions at the NCHH booth and organically as opportunities arise throughout the conference.

We’ll share more details in the coming weeks about the valuable (and fun!) opportunities under development for you to meet and connect with experts, community leaders, and others just like you who’re working to launch or expand availability of home-based asthma services; stay tuned for additional information, and make sure you’re up to date by emailing lfudala@nchh.org.

Week 10 June 25 Meet/talk with our experts one-on-one at the
NEHA/HUD conference in Anaheim, CA


Our Expertise, Your Success

Building and sustaining a system to provide home-based asthma services is hard work! But remember, you are not alone! We hope that you’ll feel inspired to take advantage of these opportunities to learn from, work with, and be supported by a group of experts in the field who are tirelessly working just like you to figure out how to sustainably finance and increase access to comprehensive asthma services that address the home environment. Please take a moment to contact us today to learn more about what’s available through this initiative, sign up for an “open office hours” time slot in the coming weeks, or receive weekly reminders of possible topics for discussion.


Laura Fudala, Project Manager, NCHHLaura Fudala, project manager, joined NCHH in January 2014 as a project coordinator to provide a wide variety of coordination, research, writing, and support functions on multiple NCHH projects. She currently manages a New York State Department of Health contract and an EPA cooperative agreement that together provide coordination, evaluation, technical, training, and/or programmatic support for healthy homes stakeholders such as the New York State Childhood Lead Poisoning Primary Prevention Program and those working to support the launch and growth of large-scale, evidence-based, sustainable asthma home visiting programs.

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