Healthy Housing Codes

NCHH and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) have collected state landlord-tenant codes that address health concerns in housing.

These healthy housing codes set the minimum standards for rental property and assigns specific duties for landlords and tenants, and to a certain extent, private housing. The codes have been categorized into energy efficiency; home safety and security from crime; moisture and weatherproofing; notices and disclosures; occupancy and access; pest control and extermination; smoke and carbon monoxide alarm codes.

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Laws, Rules, and Codes for Healthier Homes: Approaches Impacting Existing Homes [table]


Hazard Management Standards – Asbestos, Lead, Pesticides, and Radon [pdf] EPA Pesticide and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Product Standards [pdf] Uniform Law Commission’s Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Law (URLTA) [pdf] APHA 30 Healthful Housing Principles [pdf] International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) [pdf] HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS) [pdf] Press Release – What Makes a Healthy Home [url] Overview of State Residential or Housing Codes [url]

Healthy Homes Standards Reference Portfolio

NCHH developed this reference portfolio for a National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition discussion on healthy homes standards at the Indoor Environmental Health and Technologies/Lead and Healthy Homes Grantees Conference.

Healthy Homes Standards – Reference Portfolio [pdf]

Individual Files from within the Reference Portfolio
Healthy Homes Standards – Chapter 8 – Healthy and Safety – IPMC [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – Basic Principles 1938 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – HQS Form [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – HQS [doc] Healthy Homes Standards – Intervention Summary Table 06-24-08 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – NYS Sanitary Code Part 21 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – Recommendations for Efficient Standards Development – FINAL [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – UKHHRS Operating Guidance [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – WHO Disease Housing 6-25-08 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – APHA Injury Codes 2009 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – APHA/CDC Recommendations for Minimum Housing Standards 1986 [pdf] Healthy Homes Standards – Circular No 119 [doc]

Healthy Housing-Related WHO Guidelines and Reports

Accidents: Preventing Children Accidents and Improving Home Safety [pdf] Report on WHO Meeting, Bonn, Germany, 2005

Housing: Quantifying Disease from Inadequate Housing [pdf] Report on WHO Meeting Bonn, Germany, 28-30 November 2005

Housing: 2nd WHO Housing and Health Symposium, Vilnius 2004
Symposium Procedings

Cold: Housing, Energy and Thermal Comfort Meeting Report [pdf] A review of 10 countries within the WHO European Region 2007

Polutants: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines: Selected Pollutants

Mold: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines on Dampness and Mold

Radon: WHO Handbook on Indoor Radon: A Public Health Perspective