NCHH25: Throwback Thursday

Have you heard that we’re reached a major milestone? As we look back at 25 years of service, we wanted to share photos of current and former staff who’ve made us what we are today, plus friends, family, allies, and other odds and ends. Look for a new throwback photo every Thursday.

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Weeks 1 through 13.

Week 1: April 6, 2017

There’s no better throwback photo to start with than that of Nick Farr, the man who founded the National Center for Healthy Housing back in September of 1992 (as the National Center for Lead-Safe Housing) and who led our fledgling organization to greatness in his decade as executive director. NCHH’s Chief Scientist, Dr. David Jacobs, first joined NCHH in 1992, when Nick Farr recruited him to be our first Deputy Director. He eulogized Nick on our website after Farr passed away on May 27, 2014:

“Nick embodied all the values and aspirations that make the Center so important in the life of the nation. He had an insistence on rigor, a demand to base what should be done to solve a problem on fact. He never stopped moving forward. He was a student of life, devouring every book and paper put in front of him. He had leading positions in government, finance, advocacy, academia, nonprofit housing, health, foreign policy, and so much more. He meddled in science and invited others like me to meddle in his own field of law, and out of all that meddling came products that truly mattered. He devoted much of his life to the poor, to making government serve them, and to an unwavering sense of justice. He meant so much to me, someone who took me in at a low point (the famous basement times), who demonstrated love, who valued nature (we did more than a few hikes and bike trips together), who treasured knowledge—he was a voracious reader (he read one of Sherry Dixon’s statistics textbooks in a single night, although he admitted that he did not quite understand it all). He always said what he thought and spoke truth to power. He was the master of the nonoperational hearing aid, a weakness he turned to strength. He took chances and learned from failure. He was a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and most of all a friend who will be missed but never forgotten. A life well lived and to be celebrated.”

We snapped this photo of Nick at his retirement party in 2002.

Nick Farr

Nick Farr at his retirement party, Columbia, MD, 2002.

Week 2: April 13, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we revisited this photo of Jill Breysse, Laura Titus, and Amanda Reddy at an event in northern Virginia organized by Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church back in 2013.

Jill Breysse, Laura Titus, and Amanda Reddy

Jill Breysse, Laura Titus, and Amanda Reddy at the Rebuilding Together event in Arlington, VA, 2013.


Week 3: April 20, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we revisited this great photo of former executive director, Rebecca Morley​, who succeeded Nick Farr and ran the organization until 2014. Rebecca appears to be having a great time at the Healthy Housing Policy Summit (May 7, 2009).


Rebecca Morley

Rebecca Morley at the National Healthy Housing Policy Summit, May 7, 2009.


Week 4: April 27, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we’re sharing a photo of our longtime biostatistician, Sherry Dixon, taken June 4, 2004, at…um, maybe a conference? Well, we can’t remember where it happened, actually…. Any guesses?

Sherry Dixon

Sherry Dixon at a conference in 2004.


Week 5: May 4, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we’re sharing a photo of Dr. David Jacobs, currently NCHH’s Chief Scientist. You may not know this, but Dave was one of the very first to be hired by founding ED Nick Farr for our fledgling organization back in 1992, serving as our original Deputy Director. Dave left NCHH in 1995 to run the Office of Healthy Housing and Lead Hazard Control at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. He returned to NCHH in 2006 and has been here ever since. In this photo, taken June 30, 2016, Dave is speaking to #Congress about #leadpoisoning, a topic he is eminently qualified to discuss. Earlier this week, Dave testified before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about enforcing the renovation, repair, and painting (#RRP) and abatement safety standards that protect families from unnecessary lead exposures by contractors.

David Jacobs

Dr. David Jacobs speaks about lead at a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, June 30, 2016.


Week 6: May 11, 2017

This week’s #throwback goes all the way back to…Monday, May 8. (Still a throwback, though!) In this photo, Laura Fudala, project manager, is teeing off on a hole of #footgolf, which is a hybrid of golf and soccer and harder than it looks, so don’t laugh. Jill Breysse, project manager, and Jonathan Wilson, CFO, are enjoying the sun and cheering Laura on. We all had a great time and look forward to footgolfing again very soon.

Laura Fudala, Jill Breysse, Jonathan Wilson

Laura Fudala “tees off” during NCHH’s footgolf event as Jill Breysse and Jonathan Wilson look on.


Week 7: May 18, 2017

This week’s #throwback is from the Enterprise Community Partners picnic way back in 1997. You’ll note that crabs were on the menu that day, so it’s obviously summertime in Maryland. That’s Sherry Dixon, NCHH’s biostatistician, on the left, and Laura Titus, who has since migrated over to Healthy Housing Solutions, at right. The little girl in Sherry’s lap is her niece, Lauren, who has since interned with us!

Sherry Dixon, Laura Titus, and Lauren

Sherry Dixon and her niece, Lauren, with Laura Titus at the Enterprise picnic in 1997.


Week 8: May 25, 2017

This week’s #throwback comes from our downtime at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Nashville, TN, this week in May 2014. Phillip Dodge, who served as NCHH’s Marketing and Development Officer from 2007 to 2015, who is also a musician and music journalist, couldn’t resist an opportunity to visit Sho-Bud Music (they’re known for their steel guitars). Phillip was pleased with what he saw downstairs.

Phillip Dodge

Phillip Dodge emerges from the Sho-Bud Guitar Co., Nashville, TN, May 29, 2014.


Week 9: June 1, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we revisit Jack Anderson’s bon voyage (October 24, 2008). Jack worked for NCHH from 1992 to 2003 before being tapped to serve as President/CEO of our for-profit subsidiary, Healthy Housing Solutions ( When he decided it was time to move on, we gave him a going-away party and this farewell gift. But Jack got homesick and rejoined Solutions in 2010, which has grown and prospered ever since.

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson‘s going-away party, Columbia, MD, October 24, 2008.


Week 10: June 8, 2017

In this week’s throwback photo, Ruth Lindberg (whose birthday was today! #HBD, Ruth!) takes a question from the audience during her health impact assessment (HIA) presentation, August 6, 2013. NCHH was able to influence the discussion of where to build a new rail yard by forecasting the possible future negative health impacts. More info here:

Ruth Lindberg

Ruth Lindberg during her HIA presentation, August 6, 2013.


Week 11: June 15, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, we share a photo of two of our funniest employees, intern Michelle Parks (now Michelle DeCaro) and Phillip Dodge (pre-beard), NCHH’s Marketing and Development Officer from 2007 to 2015. We can’t recall what Phillip was teaching Michelle how to do, but we do remember that they couldn’t stop laughing. This photo is from the summer of 2010.

Michelle Parks and Phillip Dodge

Michelle Parks and Phillip Dodge at NCHH, Columbia, MD, 2010.


Week 12: June 22, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, NCHH founder Nick Farr, left, catches up with Jonathan Wilson (then Deputy Director) at our company picnic, October 9, 2008. Nick retired from NCHH in 2002.

Nick Farr and Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson, right, catches up with Nick Farr at the NCHH company picnic, Columbia, MD, 2008.


Week 13: June 29, 2017

For this week’s #throwback, Rebecca Morley (now with The Pew Charitable Trusts) discusses #radon, a potential threat to homeowners everywhere, on the Dr. Oz Show (Dr. Mehmet Oz), February 9, 2011. Watch the segment here:

Rebecca Morley and Dr. Oz

Rebecca Morley talking about the dangers of radon gas with Dr. Oz, February 9, 2011.


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