Radon Education Program

Project Funder:
 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Project Contacts:  Amanda Reddy, areddy@nchh.org, 443.539.4152, and Tom Neltner

Project Description: NCHH, with funding from the EPA, prepared and delivered two radon education programs. The first course, delivered under NCHH’s National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network (now managed by NCHH’s subsidiary, Healthy Housing Solutions) as part of the Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners course, teaches public health and environmental practitioners (e.g., public health nurses and sanitarians) about the significance of radon as a serious public health problem, how to test for radon, and how to reduce exposure through proven and cost-effective mitigation techniques. The second course is designed to teach housing professionals who manage contractors or prepare specifications to build or rehabilitate homes about radon health hazards and about construction techniques for radon reduction and treatment. Contractor materials will be included in a contractor training course to be developed.


Latest page update: April 4, 2024.