Expanding from Lead Poisoning Prevention to Healthy Homes

As state and local agencies expand from categorical lead poisoning prevention programs to more holistic healthy homes approaches, there is a need for models of success and innovation. They need to make this transition while maintaining their essential work to protect children from lead poisoning.


To facilitate this transition, NCHH held monthly conference calls for state and local lead poisoning prevention program staff and community-based organizations who work with them. The calls provided an opportunity to:

  • Identify models for successful transitions;
  • Learn about barriers and opportunities to success; and
  • Provide time for peer-to-peer trouble-shooting.

Summary of Presentations

Date Presenter Presentation Follow-Up
06/02/2008 Baltimore City Health Department (MD) pdf
07/14/2008 Marion County Health Department (IN) pdf
08/04/2008 Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CA) pdf
11/03/2008 Rhode Island DOH pdf
12/01/2008 Houston DOH pdf
01/05/2009 Coalition to End Lead Poisoning – Baltimore pdf
03/02/2009 Sustainable Resources Center- Weatherization and Healthy Homes pdf


04/06/2009 Ohio DOH pdf
05/04/2009 New York City DOH pdf
07/06/2009 Katrina Korfmacher
and Elyse Pivnick
pdf Community-Based Participatory Research
08/03/2009 Pamela Rao and Linda Kite pdf Community-Based Participatory Research


One week before each call, NCHH sent out an announcement on the Healthyhomesnet listserv providing the agenda and details on the upcoming call. The general agenda for the call was:

3:00 ET     Welcome and Introductions – NCHH
3:05           Updates
3:15           Spotlight on a Program Making the Expansion

Discussion of Opportunities and Challenges
Lessons Learned
Follow-up Items

3:45          Follow-up Items from Previous Suggestions
3:55          Suggestions for Topics for Future Calls
4:00          Adjourn