Meet Your Member of Congress Locally During an Upcoming Recess!

Pick a Date for Your Event

Pick a data for your event when your representative will be in-district. If you can be flexible on the date there’s a greater chance your Member of Congress will attend. Upcoming recesses for representatives, when they are home in their districts, are:

  • April 10-21, 2017**
  • May 8-12, 2017
  • May 30- June 2, 2017**
  • July 3-7, 2017** 

** The Senate is also in recess during all or most of these periods if you’d like to invite or meet with your senator(s).

Remember: Visiting with your member of Congress and educating them about your program is NOT lobbying if you do not mention specific legislation. Click here for more details on what does and does not constitute lobbying. Note that 501(c)3 organizations are permitted to lobby.

To view the full calendars of 2017 recess and in-session dates, click on this calendar for Representatives and this calendar for Senators.

Invite Your Member of Congress

Invite your Member of Congress to:

STEP 1:  Draft your invitation.

Click here for a sample letter inviting your Member of Congress to an event or to visit your site.

Click here for a sample letter requesting a meeting with your Member of Congress locally at their district office.

STEP 2:  Find the contact information for the Congress member’s scheduler and send him or her the invitation.

Click here to find your Representative; go to their website to find the addresses of their district offices, as well as how to reach their scheduler.

Click here to find your Senators and the addresses of their district offices, go to their website to find the addresses of their district offices, as well as how to reach their scheduler.

STEP 3:  Send the meeting request or invitation to the scheduler AND follow up by phone…persistently.

Be Prepared

To prepare for your meeting:
  • Review some talking points on healthy homes and lead poisoning and asthma.
  • Use these state fact sheets on healthy homes.
  • Note the House of Representatives has proposed to cut HUD’s Office of Lead Hazard Control by one third, and note that the Senate has proposed to cut the HOME program (which frequently funds home repairs) from $800 million to just $66 million; use the fact sheets above to explain why that’s a problem, and that the current budget caps are hurting housing and health.

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