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This page is about historical precipitation and drought and precipitation vulnerability. Precipitation is related to flooding. Flooding can damage and destroy homes, and conducting safe cleanup after flood events is important to address mold and other damage.

Relevant variables for this topic include precipitation and flooding vulnerability, historical precipitation, projected precipitation indicator, and historical drought.


The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network 
The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network combines environmental and health data from local, state, and federal sources. Data and information about environments and risks, health consequences, and population health are available through the Tracking Network. Data can be investigated in a variety of ways. Data comparison between two datasets is possible using the Data Explorer tool, which contains all subject categories and indicators. The program has collaborated with other projects to build topic-specific dashboards, including the Heat and Health Tracker and the Environmental Justice Dashboard. These dashboards are interactive tools that present county level data related to heat, health, and environmental exposures. [url; CDC, 2023]


Latest page update: April 22, 2024.