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Wildfire Resources

This page is about the risk and vulnerability of wildfires. Wildfires not only pose a direct risk to homes in their immediate path but also create poor air quality that can often affect a very wide geographic area. When there is poor outdoor air quality (such as due to a wildfire), residents are often advised to stay inside. Outdoor air quality is also linked to and impacts indoor air quality.

Relevant variables for this topic include projected wildfire risk, risks to homes, exposure, wildfire likelihood, and vulnerable populations.


Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool
The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) received direct orders from President Biden in January 2021 to develop the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool. The Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool is an interactive geospatial mapping tool that uses census tracts to identify disadvantaged communities with climate, environmental, and other burdens.

Wildfire Risk to Communities
Under the guidance of Congress in the 2018 Consolidated Appropriations Act, the USDA created Wildfire Risk to Communities, a free website that includes interactive maps, charts, and resources to help the public understand their wildfire risk. Housing is the focus of this data source.


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