Sidney Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

21 Liberty Street, Suite 16 Sidney, NY 13838

Sidney Emergency Medical Services has been receiving targeted technical assistance from NCHH and other partner experts to explore opportunities to provide home-based asthma services in the Sidney area using paramedicine professionals, with a long-term goal of expansion throughout Delaware County, NY. Generally, the group has been working to expand internal capacity of the national and local landscape and possible factors to consider when worked to establish or expand a sustainable system of providing home-based asthma services. Specific support has focused on a review of existing, local needs assessments to identify ways to influence and strengthen the way asthma and asthma indicators are considered in future needs assessments, the identification of robust local data sources, sharing information on similar existing programs across the country, and support in “making the case” to local hospitals and clinics as to the community need and anticipated value of home-based asthma services with hospital community benefits programs as a possible source of funding for such services.

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