St. Louis County Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Services, Healthy Homes Program

6121 North Hanley Road Berkeley, CA 63134

The Healthy Homes Program at the Saint Louis County Department of Public Health has been receiving technical assistance from NCHH and other partner experts in preparation of the formal reimbursement of home-based asthma services through state Medicaid. The group has worked to:
• Set objectives for expanded staff capacity, outline the required budget, and identify needed volume of families served at the level of reimbursement to achieve their goals;
• Discuss how to increase referrals, increase uptake of services, and diversify overall sustainability in addition to the reimbursement funding;
• Investigate opportunities and pathways to build their internal workforce and become appropriately trained, credentialed, and certified through the reimbursement process; and
• Document program protocols to ensure that as the program expands and develops, all partners and potential funders have process, parameters, roles, and responsibilities clearly articulated.

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