National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: October 22-28, 2017

Join us during this year’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Week as we raise awareness about lead poisoning.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 22-28, 2017. How can you make the greatest impact during HUD, EPA, CDC, and WHO's week-long call-to-action to end childhood lead poisoning? In this session, you'll gain access to resources and strategies to raise awareness and take actions during Lead Poisoning Prevention Week and beyond!

In 2016, NCHH and the Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition hosted a webinar entitled Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: Making an Impact! Watch the webinar to learn:
  • Clear actions and tools to plan a successful event
  • How to engage traditional media effectively
  • Simple steps to use social media to create buzz
  • How to engage and invite elected officials
  • Tools to easily include families impacted by lead and elevate their stories to increase understanding, awareness, and political will

Webinar resources:

  1. Planning Events
    Webinar PowerPoint: slides and notes
  2. Effectively Engage Traditional Media
    Webinar PowerPoint: slides and notes
  3. Building a Case for Elected Officials
    Webinar PowerPoint: slides and notes
  4. Sharing Your Stories
    Webinar PowerPoint: slides and notes
  5. Social Media
    Webinar PowerPoint: slides and notes

Planning an Event?
Share information about your event with others worldwide by registering your activity on the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

Note that we're showing materials and links to resources from the 2016 Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. We'll share materials and links to 2017 materials as soon as they become available from the federal government.